How it works:

  1. Think about the size/style of band you would like. Our core setup for most weddings is an 8-piece configuration with 3 singers, guitar, bass, drums, sax, and keys. We can easily expand up to 12-pieces by adding an additional (1-2) trombones and/or percussionist. For smaller weddings not on a Saturday night we can scale down to a 7-piece.

  2. Are you interested in DJ services? How about our awesome photo booth?

  3. Send us a message with your event details to confirm our availability.

  4. We email, talk, and/or meet to discuss a package that fulfills your requirements and budget.

  5. We send you the contract, you sign and return it with the deposit.

  6. We have a blast at your event.

Contact us and please include:

1. Event date and approximate start/end times

2. Location/venue

3. Estimated number of guests attending


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