The artist series

Yes, we are an awesome wedding/events band. But did you know that every band member is also an amazing bandleader/creative genius? In the Artist Series, we shine light on these extra-ordinary individuals and their original music projects. There is so much talent in our Mod Society Family!!


Seasonal Beast!! - Keyboardist Yuval Semo

Mod Society is proud to present our keyboardist's band: Seasonal Beast! Seasonal Beast is the brain child of New York-based Israeli-born composer/producer/ songwriter/keyboardist Yuval Semo (The Mountain Goats, Kaki King, Sonya Kitchell), brought to vivid life with the help of singer Yuli Beeri (eXtended Family, World inferno), bassist Tim Lappin (Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker), guitarist Alon Albagli (J.viewz, Janelle Kroll), trumpet and EVI (Electronic valve instrument) player Dan Brantigan (David Byrne, Macy Gray, Bonobo) and drummer Isaac Gardner (Blue Man Group).

Ren with the Mane!! - Lead singer Renee orshan

Ren with the Mane (Renee Orshan) creates music that moves your soul and hips, and awakens your inner urge to feel musical energy. Here she is with her impressive band playing her hit single, Hypnotize.

JKxcm!! - Keyboardist Chris Mccarthy

In this installment, we feature our keyboardist Chris McCarthy and his duo JKXCM with Jongkuk Kim. The duo was started in 2013 while attending college in Boston.

Calliope Brass!! - Bass trombonist Jen Hinkle

New York-based quintet Calliope Brass performs repertoire ranging from jazz to classical, pops to swing, and everything in between. Since its inception in 2015,the ensemble has been inspired by the power of storytelling through music in a variety of settings, from national parks to children’s theaters. Concert audiences enjoy exciting programming, often showcasing newly commissioned works and original arrangements.

Drownyard!! - sax player Milton Barreto (guitar vocals)

Our sax player’s alter-ego is displayed in his Doom/Sludge metal band, Drownyard. It’s hard to believe he is also an amazing jazz sax player!

Dadalon!! - guitarist Alon Albagli, drummer Daniel Dor

Underneath the Williamsburg bridge, formed DADALON. Daniel Dor — Drums and Synths, and Alon Albagli — Guitars and OP1, have set on a journey towards new instrumental landscapes, spread from the bloodiest to the most peaceful